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Welcome to YNG Talent, your premier influencer marketing hub. We specialise in crafting personalised strategies that propel our clients to unprecedented heights, unlocking their limitless potential. More than an influencer management firm, we stand as your dedicated navigator in the dynamic realm of influencer marketing.

Customised, Innovative, and Collaborative

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Our approach is deeply rooted in personalisation and innovation.

Recognising the unique essence of each influencer and brand, our mission is to foster this distinctiveness.

Our ethos is centred on this perfect match-making, and we diligently work to devise and implement creative influencer marketing strategies.

We're committed to developing concepts and collaborations as unique as you, ensuring that your profile and brand stand out in a crowded marketplace.


As a reliable partner and influencer marketing hub, YNG Talent strives to work alongside you, not just as a manager but as an equal collaborator in your journey. Our goal is to enhance the value of influencers and brands alike, complementing your vision with our expertise to transform your goals and dreams into reality.

With the help of our experienced lawyers , we have developed a tax strategy  that significantly reduces or eliminates the tax burden  for our models.

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